The inspiration for VDub Tours really didn’t begin until Dane and Katie purchased their 1973 VW Westfalia right after getting married in 2014. 

Dane always dreamed of owning a VW and Katie’s parents spent 4 months traveling around Europe in a Westy as a newly married couple in the 70s.  After a quick search on the Internet, they found her, Shirley, as she was fondly named after Dane’s late Grandmother. As it turned out, Shirley was the exact same year and model as the bus that Katie’s parents traveled around in. It seemed like fate, so Dane and Katie quickly purchased their first of 3 VW buses.  

They spent many weekends traveling up and down the California coast and camping under the Redwoods. Since they were living in wine Country in Sonoma, CA, many weekends were also spent hosting friends and family wine tasting. Shirley was the perfect vehicle to transport large groups in. The idea was well received, and they felt they were on to something.

Over the next year, Dane’s obsession with VW buses grew. Two more buses were purchased, the first, a 1968 transporter, which needed a complete rebuild and the second, a beautifully redone 1972 red and white transporter. Both were named after Katie and Dane’s grandmothers, Vivian and Betty!

Dane and Katie are not strangers to risk taking.  In 2013, they quit their jobs and set out for a 6 month long journey together, hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. http://katieanddanepct.tumblr.com/page/20 On the trail they had lots of time to think and talk. Among many other important life lessons, the main thing they took away from the trail was that it is ok to take risks. With that idea, they both agreed that they eventually wanted to start a business. After the trail, Katie opened her own Floral Design Company and eventually, the concept of VDub Tours was realized.

And so with and a dream and a plan, VDub Tours was born and taken to Bend, Oregon where they reside today.